Celina City


Consider and act upon an ordinance amending the City of Celina’s Code of Ordinances Chapter 3: Building Regulations, Article 3.02: Technical and construction Codes and Standards, Division 2, Residential Code, section 3.02.051 Adopted, Amendments; to add Subsection 3.02.051(C) relating to Smart Home Connectivity; And an amendment to Chapter 3: Building Regulations, Article 3.02, Technical and Construction Codes and Standards, Division 3, Building Code, section 3.02.101 Adopted, amendments; to add subsection 3.02.101(d) relating to Smart Building Technology Infrastructure Connectivity. (Fiber Optic Building Amendment) (Liebman/Cromwell)


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Meeting History

May 9, 2017 5:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting


MOVER:Chad Anderson, Place 6
SECONDER:Carmen Roberts, Place 4
AYES:Mindy Koehne, Carmen Roberts, Chad Anderson, Wayne Nabors
ABSENT:Andy Hopkins, Bill Webber